The Companions
  • John Ibn Howey Al-Kalabi

    John Ibn Howey Al-Kalabi

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    John Ibn Howey Al-Kalabi is an Abyssinian slave who was at the service and companion of Abu Thar Al Ghefari

  • Muslim Ibn Awsaja

    Muslim Ibn Awsaja

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    Muslim Ibn Awsaja originates from Azerbaijan and is known as Abu Jahl.

  • Burayr Ibn Khuzay

    Burayr Ibn Khuzay

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    Burayr Ibn Khuzay was born 29 before AH. He was 90 years old during the battle of Karbala.

  • Aabis Ibn Abu Shabib

    Aabis Ibn Abu Shabib

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    Aabis Ibn Abu Shabib was the chief of the clan of Bani Shakr.

  • Wahab Ibn Abdullah Al-Kalbi

    Wahab Ibn Abdullah Al-Kalbi

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    Wahab was a newly married Christian youth.

  • Hurr Ibn Yazid Al Riyahi Al Tamimi

    Hurr Ibn Yazid Al Riyahi Al Tamimi

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    Hurr Ibn Yazid Al Riyahi was a high ranking officer of the Kufan Army.

  • Habeeb Ibn Madhahir

    Habeeb Ibn Madhahir

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    Habeeb Ibn Madhahir was from the tribe of Bani Asad.

  • Zuhayr Ibn Al Qayn Al Bajali

    Zuhayr Ibn Al Qayn Al Bajali

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    Zuhayr Ibn Al Qayn was a 55/57 years old originally from Yemen.

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